Genesee County Scanning EMS Numbering Scheme

Genesee County EMS unit numbering scheme

1xx Swartz Ambulance Service

17x Twin Township Ambulance Service - Genesee County units

300 to 310 Patriot Ambulance Service

530 to 539, 550 to 569, 590 to 599 Stat EMS - Genesee County units

570 to 589 Stat Trans

640 to 659 Elite EMS

730 to 749 Medstar Ambulance Service - Genesee County units

850 to 879, 90x Mobile Medical Response (MMR) - Genesee County units

Note: Alpha means Advanced Life Support (ALS) unit and Bravo means Basic Life Support (BLS) unit. Company names are used when talking to Genesee County 911.

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