Tom's Genesee County Scanning FAQ

Tom's Genesee County Scanning FAQ

Here are some of the questions I get asked most about this site, as well as my answers. Your question(s) may be one of them, so please read this thoroughly and you may find the answer you're looking for. If you have a suggestion for this page, let me know.

Q: Which scanners can monitor Genesee County public safety and government?

A: The following scanners are digital and can monitor it: the Radio Shack Pro 18, the Radio Shack Pro 96, the Radio Shack Pro 106, the Radio Shack Pro 197, the Radio Shack Pro 2096, the Radio Shack Pro 651, the Radio Shack Pro 652, the Radio Shack Pro 668, the Uniden SDS100, the Uniden BC296D, the Uniden BCD325P2, the Uniden BC796D, the Uniden BCD396T, the Uniden BCD396XT, the Uniden BCD996T, the Uniden BCD996XT, the Uniden BCD996P2, the Uniden HomePatrol-1, the Uniden Home Patrol-2, the Uniden BCD436HP, the Uniden BCD536HP, the GRE PSR 500, the GRE PSR 600, the GRE PSR 800, the Whistler Group WS1040, the Whistler Group WS1065, the Whistler Group WS1080, the Whistler Group WS1088, the Whistler Group WS1098, the Whistler Group TRX-1 and the Whistler Group TRX-2.

Q: So where should I buy a digital scanner?

A: I highly recommend Scanner Master for all of your scanning needs. They carry the largest selection of all of the latest models of scanners, antennas, amplifiers, power adapters, software and much more at the best prices anywhere. Please click the banner below to begin shopping.

Q: Okay, I got one of the digital scanners you listed above, how do I program it?

A: First and foremost, READ THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL THAT CAME WITH IT. If the manual is missing, it can be downloaded on the manufacturer's website. There are also several software programs to use in conjunction with a data cable, both of which are available at the Scanner Master website.

Q: Okay, I got my digital scanner all programmed, why can't I receive anything?

A: You may need a better antenna. For digital signals, reception may be difficult indoors, depending on your location and building specifications. So I suggest getting an outdoor scanner antenna. Mount it on your roof or a tower, as high as you possibly can. I recommend an antenna that's specifically tuned for the 800 MHz band. When you install it, make sure to place it as far away from power lines and other wires and cables as you can, to avoid unwanted electromagnetic interference. Additionally, I suggest using an AC adapter (indoors) or a DC adapter (in vehicles) whenever possible, because they will give you consistent power supply which in turn leads to consistent signal strength; as opposed to batteries, because when battery power gets drained, the scanner is unable to amplify the signals internally, thus resulting in what users may think is bad reception. In the car, a magnet mounted 800 MHz band antenna is best. For wireless scanning, get an 800 MHz tuned portable antenna. Visit Scanner Master for all of the best antennas and accessories for the best prices anywhere.

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